[84H30 PCe (Practical Course equivalent) ]

Graduate degree


  • Birds and global changes, Paris Sud Univ., 2011 -> 2016 [27 PCe]
  • Spatially explicit dynamics, Paris Sud Univ., 2011 -> 2016 [27 PCe]
  • Modelisation and conservation biology, MNHN, 2011 -> 2013 [7h30 PCe]

Practical courses

  • Statistics, Pierre & Marie Curie Univ., 2012 [6h PCe]
  • Spatio-temporal dynamics and GIS, Pierre & Marie Curie Univ.,2012 [1h30 PCe]
  • CMR analysis with Mark, Pierre & Marie Curie Univ., 2012 -> 2013 [14h PCe]


  • Instructor: Bird ringing CRBPO (MNHN)
  • Ornithology initiation (Practical course for adults, Paris) 2015 [3h PCe]


Master students and supervisions

  • 2017 Aïssa Morin Statistic engineer, Production of indicators about common birds populations functioning with Constant Effort Scheme ringing data (STOC-
    capture), Colab French National Hunting and Wildlife Agency & French bird ringing scheme Research Center on Bird Population Biology (CRBPO, MNHN, Paris)
  • 2016 Thierry Jouhanique M1 EBE Orsay-Paris Sud, Regionalization of common bird indicators.
  • 2012 – 2014 Gilles Plattner, Geomatics engineer MNHN (UMR 7204)   Co-supervised with Colin Fontaine, Mapping not gardened grasslands application of remote sensing.
  • 2011 Julie Gueguen, master degree P & M Curie Univ., Theoretical ecology and modelling, Co-supervised with Alan Vergnes, Dispersal model of carabid Abax Paralellelipipedus in a suburban landscape.
  • 2010 Bruno Kergrohen, master degree P & M Curie Univ., Co-supervised with Hélène Dupont, Vultures conservations and the quartering management in the Grands Causses: Integration of a GIS to model multi-agent.
  • 2009 Paul Le Corguille , Augustin Descoqs Alejandra Estanislao , Adrien Marteau, École des Ponts ParisTech (ENPC), Project Manager, Spatially explicit modelling of a predator/prey dynamics.
  • 2008 Vincent Le Bourlot , master degree École normale supérieure (ENS), supervision, Sensibility analysis of a “food chain” model.
  • 2008 Guillaume Choumert , master degree École Polytechnique, Co-supervision with Alexandre Robert, Modelling of biodiversity evolution scenarios.