Research Experiences

Post-doc, “Birdfeeder attendance during winter, data management and statistical analysis of data provide by Birdlab a citizen science schemes” dir. F. Chiron & C. Bessa-Gomes, U-Psud UMR 8079 ESE team EPC

Post-doc, “Identification of the oriental migration routes of Ortolan Bunting”, dir. F. Jiguet,  MNHN UMR 7204 CESCO

Post-doc, “Biodiversity indicators of common bird in France face to the landscape connectivity and the spatial scale effect”, dir. F. Jiguet, I. Le Viol, G. Lois,  MNHN UMR 7204 CESCO

Post-Doc “Spatial and temporal model of French farmland bird community dynamics under future climate and agriculture land uses” dir. F. Jiguet, L. Doyen AgroParisTech, MNHN UMR 7204 CESCO

Post-Doc “Mechanistic modelling of biodiversity responses faces anthropic constraints” dir. A. Robert, D. Couvet, MNHN UMR 7204 CESCO


Research engineer “Multi-Agent System modelling” at laboratory “Ecologie Systématique et Evolution”, dir. A-C Prévot-Julliard, Paris Sud university ESE, UMR 8079



  • 2011 PhD “Diversity of life” Pierre & Marie Curie Univ. (Effects of temporal and spatial variations of constraints on ecological systems, Implications for the study of biodiversity scenarios.)
  • 2007  Holder of authorization bird ringing of the National Museum of Natural History of Paris, France (MNHN).
  •  2006   Cormas” courses delivered by CIRAD in Montpellier (France)
  •  2005  M.S “SEP, IT for Biodiversity” MNHN
  •  2004  M.S Population and Ecosystem Biology University of Toulouse III (France)
  • 2002 – 2003   B.S University of sciences of Nantes (France)
  • 2002  DPCT IT for business at CNAM Nantes

Research skills

Analytical skills

  • Advanced statistical univariate and multivariate analysis (R) and Bayesian tools (MCMCglmm)
  • Spatial analysis of a large dataset (R, PostgreSQL) and GIS (QGis, PostGIS)
  • Advanced R programming
  • Capture-Recapture analysis CMR (Mark, R-mark)
  • Basic knowledge in remote sensing analysis.

Modelling skills

  • Cellular automata: R (simecol)
  • Individual-Based Models: Free-Pascal, R
  • Multi-Agent Systems: Cormas

Field training

  • Birdwatcher
  • French Bird ringer since 2007 (many experiences across occidental Palearctic)

Referee activity

For the journals: Ecological modelling, Ornis Fennica, Waterbirds, Ringing and Migration, Catalan Journal of Ornithology