Differential migration strategy of Corsican Spotted Flycatcher

| May 2017, Patrimonio, Corsica (France) |

Corsica is a French island where lives a very singular biodiversity. In the framework about the study of the Corsican avian biodiversity, I participate in a field work about the potential originality of the migration strategy of the Corsican Spotted Flycatcher (Muscicapa striata tyrrhenica).

Thus, during three day in Corsica, near Patrimonio, with Frédérique Jiguet, Jean-Marc Pons and Jean-Claude Thibault we put on ten Corsican Spotted Flycather a geolocator (Migrate technology).

To compare the migration strategy of these subspecies some geolocators are also put on some individuals of nominal subspecies on the Mediterranean region (near Montpellier) by Jean-Marc Pons.

Now we have to wait a year and hope retrieve some bird in 2018. So exciting !!!!




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