The Red-bellied Squirrel colonisation

in collaboration with Anne Dozières

Callosciurus erythraeus

Red-bellied Squirrel

The Red-bellied Squirrel (Callosciurus erythraeus) was introduced on the Cap d’Antibes (Alpes Maritimes) in the late 1960s. Native to southeast Asia, this invasive Sciurid will soon undergo a control plan initiated by the Ministry of Ecology (MEEDDM). To this purpose, from February to July 2010, its home-range and densities were estimated in different habitat types from counts on sample itineraries, its biology and its ecological impact were studied, and trapping, associated with tracking of recolonization, was performed on a test site. Since the 1990s, its range has increased by more than 12 km2 (see here). However, the A8 (highway), the last barrier limiting its expansion to the north, seems not yet crossed.
We developed a model coupling a cellular automaton which estimates the probability of dispersal and a model of metapopulation dynamics to estimate the risks of extension of the range of the red-bellied squirrel. It can also offer a simulation of the outcome of different management protocols control of this expansion.


Spread modelling of the red-bellied squirrel


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